US Golf Courses iPhone App

The US Golf Courses iPhone app gives you quick and easy access to information for over 13,500 golf courses in the United States. Each listing comes with contact information and details about course conditions.

Course Details

Course Details

Each golf course in the app comes with an address and phone number as well as buttons that will automatically generate driving directions or place a phone call to the clubhouse for you. In addition to contact information, each golf course listing includes details about the course, including:

Local Courses

Local Courses

The US Golf Courses app will automatically figure out your location and give you a list of nearby golf courses. With a few taps of your finger you can be on your way to playing a round of golf at your favorite neighborhood course. The app is also perfect for travelers looking to get in a round or two at a new golf course while on vacation or a business trip.

Browse or Search

Search Courses

You can browse our database of US golf courses by state and city. Drill down to find golf courses in any of the 50 states in America. Each state and city is annotated with how many courses are available.

The search feature of the US Golf Courses app will letting you quickly comb through the database and find a specific golf course you're looking for.


You can mark any golf course in the app as a "favorite" and have your very own list of the places you play the most. With this feature, you can be booking a tee time at your golf course of choice in seconds without having to memorize their phone number of clutter up your phone's address book.